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Heating Tune-Up in Mesa, AZ


Get Ready for the Heating Season

Protect Your Investment with a Professional Heating System Tune-Up

Get your expert tune-up for the red-hot price of just $49.95 Tune-Up with Chemical Outdoor Coil Wash!

The 29-point Semper Fi Heating System tune-up includes a complete unit inspection and a written report of findings.


When you add it all up … it’s an $80 value! Your HVAC system is just like your vehicle: It needs regular maintenance to continue running smoothly. And like any car or truck, skipping tune-ups can cost you a lot more over the long haul. You’re faced with:

  • Higher repair bills
  • Voided warranties
  • Poor air quality
  • Uncomfortable temperatures
  • Unplanned service outages
  • Shortened equipment lifespan

Not all systems are the same, but some of the most important service requirements include:

  • Cleaning the air handler
  • Changing the air filter
  • Inspecting the electrical system for loose connections
  • Lubricating pulleys, bearings and other moving parts
  • Inspecting the electrical system
  • Inspecting the electronic ignition
  • For heat pumps and mini splits, cleaning the coils and checking the refrigerant level

Furnace Systems in Mesa, AZ

The techs at Semper Fi have got you covered, whether you’re looking for maintenance or repairs to your home’s heating system and furnace. When you choose Semper Fi Heating & Cooling for your heating system needs, you’ll be gaining a long-term partner.

Our techs have the tools and training needed to get your furnace ready for whatever winter can throw at it. We tune up all makes and models. Our services aren’t just limited to installation. We do repairs, replacement, and routine maintenance to make sure your heating system keeps working at peak efficiency for years to come. To schedule your furnace tune-up this fall, give us a call today.

Heat Pumps in Mesa, AZ

We offer heat pump preventative maintenance as well. Since a heat pump runs throughout the year, it requires regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns and problems.

We recommend you schedule both spring and fall tune-ups for your heat pump system to ensure it’s ready for winter and summer, respectively.

Ductless Systems in Mesa, AZ

We can help maintain your ductless system and make sure it’s ready for whatever season lies ahead. Adjusting the comfort setting is important for ductless systems, since individualizing the zoned comfort of each room can yield huge energy savings.

Schedule Your Tune-Up

Nobody wants the headaches caused by a poorly maintained HVAC system. And when you add up all the financial pain, it’s clear that you save time AND money with regular tune-ups.

Know what else you get? You get peace of mind knowing your system is running at optimal performance.

Schedule your tune-up today to…

  • Prevent expensive repairs
  • Extend your equipment’s lifetime
  • Reduce your monthly utility bills

Contact Semper Fi Today to Schedule Your Heating System Tune-Up in Mesa, AZ!

Tune-Up for the Unbelievable Price of $49.95 Tune-Up with Chemical Outdoor Coil Wash

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