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Heat Pump Installation – Mesa, AZ

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Heat pump systems are very common in Arizona. In a gas split system, a furnace in the interior of the home supplies the heating power during winter months and an outdoor condenser (in conjunction with an indoor coil mounted on top of the furnace) supplies the cooling power during summer months. The blower motor in the furnace is actually used for moving air throughout the home when the system is both heating and cooling. In a heat pump split system, the outdoor condenser is replaced with a heat pump, which looks nearly identical to an air conditioning condenser. However, a heat pump can operate in cooling mode similar to a typical air conditioning condenser, BUT can also operate in reverse, taking the heat in the outside air and “pumping” it into the home for heating operation. Hence the term “heat pump.” Heat pumps are great at heating homes in milder climates, but in very cold climates (generally when temperatures are below 30 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods), heat pumps have a difficult time heating the home. Given the mild temperatures of Arizona, heat pumps are well suited to the climate. In the interior of the home, since a furnace is not needed, a heat pump is paired with an “air handler,” which is basically an indoor evaporator coil paired with a blower motor. While this term may seem fancy, it’s just a typical furnace and coil combination without the heating components. The benefits of heat pumps are:

  • Heat pumps are all-electric and do not need natural gas or other fossil fuels to operate.
  • Heat pumps operate year-round so that an investment in a high-efficiency system usually yields more savings than a high-efficiency split gas system.
  • In mild climates, heat pumps can most certainly keep your home warm and comfortable without excessive use of electric back-up heat, which is much more costly to operate.

For customers looking to replace their current air conditioning system, a heat pump is most advantageous in the following situations:

  • Homeowners in manufactured homes that have a standard outdoor condenser for cooling but rely on an electric indoor furnace for heat – heat pumps are more efficient than electric furnaces.
  • Homeowners (generally in multifamily situations such as condominiums or townhomes) who have ceiling-mounted air handlers with electric heat and a standard condenser outside. Upgrading the outdoor condenser to a heat pump and relying on the heat pump for heating is generally more efficient.
  • Homeowners with existing heat pumps who want a higher-efficiency option. An investment in a higher-efficiency heat pump with a multispeed or variable speed indoor air handler can provide energy savings and enhanced indoor home comfort.

After your investment in a heat pump, the maintenance on your system is similar to a split gas system. However, heat pumps are more complicated in many ways than split gas systems so that twice annual maintenance is more important. These maintenance visits are even more important if you choose a high-efficiency system. Semper Fi Heating & Cooling has a deep bench of service technicians and installers who can both install and maintain your heat pump system no matter where you are in the life cycle of your current system – whether you are simply looking to ensure that your existing system is properly maintained or looking to replace or upgrade your existing system. If you recently relocated from a colder climate with a split gas system, there are a few differences you may notice if you now have a heat pump system:

  • The warm air discharged from the air vents in your heat pump system may not feel as hot as in a gas system, and it may take your system longer to reach the desired temperature after being off as compared to a gas system.
  • Heat pumps must periodically go through a defrost cycle when cool air may start coming out of your indoor vents unexpectedly. This is part of the normal operation of your heat pump when the outdoor unit is melting frost buildup that typically occurs as your system pumps warm outside ambient heat into your home.

At Semper Fi Heating & Cooling, we are well versed in all residential heating and cooling applications and stand ready to serve you no matter what type of home comfort system you may have or what upgrades you are interested in.

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